weed mat application cases

Weed mat can be also applied to the root protection of trees. using the weed mat near the roots of trees can effectively reduce the growth of root weeds, thus reducing the loss of nutrients and water in the root zone. This kind application of ground cover is block or strip, and different marking lines are arranged on the surface, such as "cross shape", "T shape", "I shape", etc. as planting cuts. after the trees planted,these incisions are heat treated to ensure the integrity and function of the ground fabric.


1.When the trees are transplanted, the roots of the trees can also be wrapped with the weed mat to reduce the growth of root weeds, prevent the inefficient growth of the trees roots , ensure the permeability and water permeability of the roots and at the same time protect the tree roots. Protect from outside injury during transportation and temporary storage.


2. This weed mat is well ventilated, the soil will not be knotted, the roots of the soil can breathe better, the microorganisms in the soil will not be reduced, and will not affected the plant growth environment.

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