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A good Group description explains what your Group is about, who should join, what members can expect of the group, and what you expect of them.
The very first sentence of your Group description should be a quick and short description of what your Group is all about..
Once you've got that first summary sentence, you'll want your Group description to go into more detail.
Some questions to ask yourself when writing your Group description:
What will you be doing in your Meetup Group?
Who might be a good fit for the group?
Why did you start the Group?
What sort of goals or aspirations do you have for the group?
What do you expect of the members?
What should members expect of you?
Having the answers to some of those questions helps potential members get a feel for your Group and make an informed decision about becoming a member.
Remember, people looking at your Group description want to get more information about your Group -not necessarily about you as the Organizer, or about the subject your Meetup is about. There's no need to list all of your career accomplishments in the description for your business networking Group.
It's fine to include a little bit of information about your background or about your Group's topic if you want, but the majority of your Group description should be about your Group -- what it does, who it's for, what members can expect.
Your Group's description is a work in progress. As your Group grows and changes, the information in the description can change, too. To get the most out of your Group description, remember to update it every now and again.

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