Advanced production technology

The company is led by a strong leadership team to form a united combat group. It consists of the Quality Inspection Department, the Purchasing Department, the Operation and Development Department, the Engineering Business Department, the Supervision and Audit Department, the Labor and Personnel Department, the New Technology Development Department, the finance department, design department and propaganda department , are responsible for the overall planning and operation of the company. The company pays close attention to quality control, seeks credit, seeks development, enhances corporate reputation, has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification, and strengthens the quality of life recognition from the company's employees to the employees through technical education and knowledge assessment of the company's employees; Re-management, efficiency to economies of scale, strict corporate discipline, clear responsibilities, improve work efficiency, introduce the current advanced management system, improve various rules and regulations, and clarify responsibilities to every employee of the company If problems occur, they can be solved quickly, and the accidents will be eliminated in the bud; for enterprises to develop, talents are the key. In order to seek long-term development, the company has established and improved the talent pool, and strives to make all employees do their best to make the best use of them. Play a special role in this position and do your duty.

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